• This booth was initially used for ViewRay ASTRO 2018 (American Society for Radiotherapy & Oncology) in the US. ViewRay liked this booth but wanted to refresh it to make it look more custom and high end for ESTRO 2020 in Europe. European shows have different laws so booths can be done for cheaper which means more luxurious-looking exhibits. I was given this booth which was just rental properties and asked to make it European, modern, and customized with a smaller budget.
  • This show's audience is Radiologists, Oncologists, Medical Physicists, and leaders from hospitals, universities, and treatment centers. They are very knowledgeable and invested in the successful treatment of cancer. ViewRay's booth needs to respect the seriousness of these attendees and be seen as innovative, modern, and reliable.
  • I added all the wood elements including the overhead signage and archways. I talked with the engineering team to see if it would be possible to attach metal poles inside the signage's Octanorm structure to securely hold the slats up. We debated if the wood slats would work and/or look better oriented horizontally or vertically. I also advocated adding LED screens to the hanging sign to draw attention away from the usual stark white signs found at medical shows. The higher-end budget of this project had the entire hanging sign made up of backlit LEDs to brighten up the white ViewRay logos.
  • While creating the wood archways over the reception desk and the MRI scanner, I found it looked more cohesive to have the signage slats following the same horizontal lines as the archways. To secure the archways the slats are secured with small metal rods and are attached to a base plate under the reception desk and vinyl wood flooring. To ship the archways, the tall beams can be detached 2/3rds of the way up, so the seams are out of sight, then reattached on the show floor. The same method is used to secure and ship the archways located over the MRI scanner.
  • My proposal to add the wood arches was both visually striking and low cost. The client agreed and wanted to see additional ways to incorporate the wood slat look. I suggested we clad the beam structures around the demo desks in the same wood vinyl to make them look like the arches. Again, another low-cost solution.
  • I sourced the circle pendant lighting fixtures (circles to contrast all the right angles I added). I changed the acrylic paneling to brand green and matched it on all of the other rental table properties. I changed out the seating to another rental choice. Finally, I created a raised platform for the MRI scanner to sit on with LED tape in brand green around the bottom step of the platform.
  • A project like this is really exciting and challenging because the bones are already created, and you have to be creative about where you spend the budget to get the most impact for the lowest cost. Getting to see the before and after of a booth I refreshed is always amazing because it looks so different and of course, even better when the client is blown away.
  • ViewRay ESTRO (European Society for Radiotherapy & Oncology) 2020, in Vienna. Group Delphi, 2019