Back Story

  • Arm liked their previous booth but wanted to freshen it up so I had a feel for their clean, modern style.
  • Shown first is the design chosen by the client followed by views of the 2nd and 3rd versions.
  • The chosen design uses 90-degree lattice cut out demo stations with pops of edge-lit acrylic, LEDs, and subtle patterns engraved into acrylic with a matching reception desk that felt sophisticated and modern but still 'techy'.
  • In the second version, I used angled lattice lines on the demos with a custom faceted reception desk.
  • In the third version, I created CNC cut triangle pieces with etched patterns engraved on it with LEDs and angled waterfall tops over the countertops. The reception features angled wood on three sides with LEDs and a subtle dot pattern on the lower half.
  • The archway displays large lifestyle graphics and Arm's blue dot pattern on the inside gives the booth a 'starry-night' feel of being in awe.
  • This booth needed to be modular to fit a 20' x 30', at 16' and 12' high ceilings, 20' x 20', 10' x 20', and 10' x 10'.
  • Group Delphi, 2019