Gymshark x Whitney Simmons LA Event

Agency: Studio Butch
CD: David Brady
Designer: Alex Nolan

I joined Studio Butch after they received this project. Studio Butch exchanged mood boards with the client to find the right aesthetic direction for this project before I joined. First, I developed the main stage, then went into the retail zones. I created the layout first when approaching retail then the architectural and environmental elements, spotlight moments for a specific collection of clothes, and calming and interesting photo opt areas.
This event was launched September 18th-19th, 2021 in LA. This is Whitney x Gym Shark’s second clothing launch together and Whitney Simmons has 3.2m followers on Instagram.
While patiently waiting for the photographer’s photos of the event enjoy images and videos taken from the main influencer’s IG @whitneyysimmons and at the end check out other influencers’ Youtube videos of the event.
With millions of views, posts, and positive comments, I would consider this event a success 🙂