Follow Your Heart

Exhibit, Tradeshow, 3D Modeling, Experiential, Won RFP

Back Story

  • Follow Your Heart (FYH) is celebrating 50 years in business in 2020 and they wanted to use their original LA 1970's vegetarian cafe as the inspiration of their booth to pay homage to their roots.
  • The exterior of the booth is their modern FYH design and aesthetic (with the light vertical wood and modern logos) and once you walk through the beaded curtains you immediately step back into 1970. I wanted visitors to realize that FYH has been around for 50 years, long before our trends now of eating healthily. They were one of the first to ever make vegetarian and vegan food and this booth should celebrate that.
  • The workers at the booth will be wearing 70's attire, food from their original menu is served, and salt lamps and veganise pendant lights lighten up the interior. The interior also features dark hardwood, bold 70's graphics, merch opportunities, a replica of their original bar, and casual cafe seating for informal meetings or relaxing.
  • I first started playing around mimicking the stained glass and lattice that I saw in their original restaurant and that's when the design clicked. On the front exterior is the "patio", I was recreating the overgrown trees and plants that are in front of their restaurant now and the plants really made the booth feel friendly. In an earlier version, there was a bench in front for photo ops.
  • This booth is very non-traditional I wanted people to feel like they were stepping into a time machine. I wanted this space to feel comfortable, welcoming, and nostalgic. However, I wasn't alive during the '70s so I had to rely on photos, my mom's and other people's stories of the '70s. While I was designing this booth I listened to a lot of 70's music which really helped me get into the mindset.
  • NPEW (Natural Products Expo) 2020 in Anaheim, California
  • Group Delphi, 2019