Hashi 2020


  • This booth was originally conceived by a team in Amsterdam that Hashi worked with for their HashiCorp 2020 show at Town & Country in San Diego. I was tasked with altering their concept to fit US standards and use Group Delphi's limited rental program as the bulk of the booth. Hashi wanted to see multiple ways to approach this with different budgets. The first option with the Octonorm frame canopy was ultimately chosen. It features rental painted posts with custom elbow connectors and custom hanging scrim or other string elements. Everything that is shown within the booth would be created using the Group Delphi rental program with custom elements to emulate the complete custom look of the Amsterdam concept. The challenging part of the project was giving Hashi the look and feel they loved from the Amsterdam booth while meeting their US budget and limitations, and the Amsterdam team needed to also sign off on the booth to make sure it was complementing their original concept as best as possible.
  • The second option with the custom truss is very close to what the team in Amsterdam did but would not be cost-effective in the US. The third and fourth options keep the bulk of the design the same but change the canopy to require less labor, materials, and a much cheaper budget overall.
  • The images at the bottom are the design intent drawings I presented to all teams. The last image slide is the original concept renderings I received from the Amsterdam team.
  • This Nomad booth was one of 5 booths that would have been created we used this one as a test design for all of them. Each of the 5 sub-brands has specific branding that would have been incorporated within the general design language of this booth.
  • HashiConf 2020, at Town & Country Resort in San Diego, Group Delphi, 2020