Back Story

  • Sanuk is a very wacky, offbeat type of brand. They didn't want a lot of 90° angles instead they wanted custom wave-shaped elements. The team came back with the direction of taxidermy, grass turf, and unfinished MDF. At one point we were using the term 'grandmas garage sale' to describe the aesthetic. Concepting for this project was a challenge, we used a lot of mood boards to help us visualize.
  • I worked on a lot of the print production work, specifically, all 3D logos, shelving rack logos, shoe display risers, the try-on cube, the floor mat, and the freestanding shoe display rack.
  • I created marker renderings of other team members sketches to show them to the client.
  • I designed foot form concepts for their Yoga Sling flip flop. They wanted it to be feminine but not over the top and wouldn't take away from the shoe. This shoe requires a custom foot form because of how the straps fall into the shoe when not worn.
  • All retail elements are in Sanuk's most profitable store in the Disney World park in Florida as well as other outdoor retailers across the country.
  • IDL Worldwide, 2017