Cisco Meraki

Back Story

  • Cisco explained to us that many security companies use scare-tactics but they like to keep things light and will never employ this approach. They wanted to see open spaces, white and light wood colors in the booth, and to feel warm and inviting.
  • Cisco owns an arch from the previous year that they wanted to incorporate as much as possible so I kept their ceiling and the framing for the walls. They didn't want a reception desk but still wanted to show products on tabletops without blocking the flow of traffic.
  • I added the grid walls for a few reasons, the client wanted a way to show products that people wouldn't be holding (versus the product demo tables), wanted to incorporate greenery, and the liked wood slats in-general. I used the grid to attach signage and graphics, subtle green pops painted on the inside of some of the grids, and easily attach greenery inserts and products. Along with the visual aesthetic of the grid it communicates transparency which as a security company is important.
  • Group Delphi 2020