• Torani wanted to use as much as possible from their previous booths in their rebrand refresh. I reused the main structure, kitchen area, and seating area. I pulled new imagery for their overhead signage and created new vinyl graphics for the kitchen area and seating. The falling globes lighting fixtures I used mimicked my graphic choices of falling hazelnuts and blueberries. Torani used this type of visual language in their new photography they were going to role out. Torani wanted to see multiple lighting choices and ultimately went with the falling globes.
  • Torani wanted to see engagement area options in tiered price points.
  • The first option and highest price point was Plinco, where attendees would drop hazelnuts or something similar into the Plinco game and would get prices depending on where they land. There would also be opportunities to take photos in front of the falling hazelnuts, maybe have continued falling hazelnuts instead somehow. This option was open for brainstorming.
  • The second option was a motion graphic moment of falling hazelnuts or blueberries as a photo wall. Maybe a Lenticular, or projected onto a white background, or just a static graphic for cost. Again, open to brainstorming.
  • The third option and lowest price point is a static graphic of their product.
  • There are two options for the seating area, first, either brand red or green fabric chairs and a light wood wrap on the tables and West Elm martini end tables for quick conversations in a more modern setting.
  • The second option is more bright, lively, and colorful. Red chevron fabric print with collage-style graphics of Torani products on the tables and the movable end tables could be rented LEDs to draw more attention to the booth as these shows can sometimes be dark inside.
  • The bottle wall was another element kept from the previous booth, Torani really liked the design but wanted to emphasize it more somehow. I came up with the idea of adding spotlights to reflect off the bottles because in a convention hall all the lights are flooded everywhere. I added spotlights onto a post in the ceiling of the structure to reflect off the bottles and onto the tradeshow hall floor.
  • Torani ReBrand, Group Delphi, 2018