Old Navy

Experiential Brand Experience, Conceptual, Retail

Back Story

  • This is the work I did for the interview process at Old Navy. There were many parts to the work, I will briefly describe them here. Each 2 projects were due within 1 week and I had my free time after work to complete them.
  • The first project was to create an "'in-shop destination', a flagship destination that is solely focused on denim that educates their customers on fit and quality. This denim shop should not only educate but inspire their customers to buy their denim."
  • I started by going to ON stores and taking pictures and doing research.
  • Then I focused on storyboarding how a mom would more easily use a conceptual Old Navy app to make a Pinterest-like board of clothes from ON based on each family member's profile and you’d be able to set a time to come try on everything on your board.
  • The second project was to create a "Pop-up denim destination if money was no limit, and could travel across the country. What would it look like and what would people do? Dream big and have fun!"
  • I aimed to connect the two projects and eventually came to an idea to create Denim World, a wacky, fun, Disney World-esque place that was family-friendly.
  • The third project they asked to see a 3D store render of what my denim world/ store would look like. I decided to use the render to help explain the steps of what coming into the store would look like.
  • The fourth project they asked to see what one of my elements of Denim World, a denim drop off station would look like. The acrylic heart filled with jeans would be the icon of Denim world.
  • The fifth project was to create window graphics for my denim world. I was sent a mood board to use as inspiration and copy to incorporate. I created mood boards, sketches, mock graphics, and put the graphics in-situation in my renders.
  • Old Navy Interview Project, 2019