Tradeshow, 3D modeling, Furniture Design

Back Story

  • Dataiku wanted a fun and unique experience to create a presence that wows visitors and didn’t feel like you were at a trade show. They wanted a Scandinavian and modern aesthetic to recruit a younger audience. They wanted a juice and coffee bar and they wanted the booth to feel like hanging out at a coffee shop.
  • We had many revisions for this project, first, we started with 3 mood boards and the client didn't have a specific direction so I created a design that I felt captured elements of each board. After those rounds, we went to something more playful and interesting.
  • Large budget 20’ x 20’ that can convert into a 10’ x 20’ at Strata Data 2019 in Moscone Center, San Francisco, California.
  • Group Delphi, 2018