Catalyst Experimental


  • Catalyst Experiential is a new company that designs outdoor architecture, landscaping, signage, fountains, and other entrance work. Their parent company creates large outdoor signage and they wanted Catalyst Experiential to look as good as they feel about this new company.
  • Unlike our other clients, Catalyst doesn't go to conventional tradeshows, they must appeal to mayors, city officials, and city planners at smaller local government shows. Although they may not be able to show off all their new work due to NDAs, they want to highlight what they can and be presented as a big name outdoor architectural agency that can create a sense of place for cities.
  • Design is a process: I first introduced two concepts aimed at a more 'homey and residential' look to attract the city officials to show that Catalyst understands their love for their communities, and Catalyst wants to help make it beautiful. After an internal review, we decided to go in a different direction. Nevertheless, the concept stands as an endearing and genuine addition to any suburban community.
  • The new direction is much more modern plaza architecture, bigger scale, and more commercial rather than residential. I created the deck with the help of a copywriter and added the images that best expressed my concepts and added basic callouts. We wanted an open dialog with the client so they can have a say in the design process, our biggest priority was to establish the same design style the client was envisioning.
  • NJLM Conference 2020, in New Jersey, Group Delphi, 2020