Back Story

  • Adidas needed a new mobile check out station in their employee store in Portland.
  • My team and I went to the Adidas Employee Store to do research, we took photos of how customers are currently being checked out, how hangers are stored, how to go backs are organized, how security tags are removed and where they go, how checking out people with a lot of stuff is all being scanned and accounted for, how to store bags of different sizes, and finally how best to move and store the kiosk when not needed. They also asked if it was possible to add graphics if they wanted and change them out for seasons.
  • I organized my team's research and presented it back to the Creative Directors. From there I went to sketching and I realized this was much more of an Industrial Design project than just Environmental. My past work experience of working in a Retail Boutique proved to be a benefit because I knew the actions a salesperson takes when checking out a long line of people.
  • One highlight of this design is both sides have a shelf that pulls out and has a cut out for hangers and also works as a handle when rolling the kiosk around.
  • This project was completed after my time at IDL and I'm sure the requirements for the kiosk changed once Adidas moved locations of their Employee Store which is why it looks different than my sketches.
  • IDL Worldwide, 2017