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Alexandra Nolan

Environmental / 3D Designer


Alex is an Environmental Designer with 4+ years of experience in retail and exhibits using multiple 3D programs, sketching, and Adobe.

She is currently an Environmental Design contractor for 2Hemispheres in Portland. During 2018 – 2020 she designed tradeshows and exhibits for major food and beverage, technology, athletic, and medical companies at Group Delphi in San Francisco.

Formerly, she designed parts at a 3D printing manufacturing facility, interned at IDL Worldwide, did Product Styling at Nike, and was the student shop manager of the wood and metal shop at her college. Alex received her B.S. in Industrial Design in 2017, has a wide range of experience, and comes with a diverse background.

When she’s not working, Alex is usually outdoors trying to soak up the PNW sunshine when it’s out, she loves plants, board games, and playing frisbee. Her dream job would be to make spaces, systems, or products sustainable. Making people feel a part of and experience the world around them in interesting ways is what she hopes to achieve throughout her career.

What’s most important to her in a job is the people and culture, how creative she can be, and if they’re dog friendly.

A lot of people knew her dog Cheerio because she would eagerly come to work with her every day and just about everywhere else. She will forever be in Alex’s heart thinking of her always, her best friend.


Message her at info@acnolan.com or on LinkedIn